Chef Rachel Wilson has always loved the culinary arts, a talent developed from childhood through interest, passion, and sacrifice. Hanging around the kitchen a lot, she grew up knowing her way around pots and pans and even learned how to cook at an early age. Naturally gifted with culinary skills, Chef Rachel did not attend professional training in culinary arts; she quickly decided to pursue her passion and interest. She knew that succeeding as a chef would be challenging, but she felt she could not lose – she knew her partner and two children, her anchors depended on her.

Armed with passion and determination, she traveled the world, visiting culinary scenes in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Thailand, where she honed her culinary skills by apprenticing under local masters. She has had many mentors and masters, each adding to her rich portfolio of knowledge and skills. She credits the guidance as having everything to do with her ability to create local flavors with a global twist. Her international experience is evident in every bite she serves.

Twenty-five years into pursuing her culinary interests and career as a chef, Rachel has prepared the best recipes for her sharpest critics with discerning palates (her 10-year-old son, Jade, and 6-year-old daughter, Ynez). In addition, she has cooked for the elite, famous, and not-so-famous individuals. She is humbled and blessed to pursue her passion for the creative interpretation of classic global cuisine. She continues to hone her skills, acquiring more knowledge and refining her skills. She exhibits her passion, love, and good energy by preparing delicious dishes that help people achieve health and wellness goals while introducing them to an exciting world of tasty, healthy food options.

Always enthusiastic about the goodness of food, both in taste and nutrient value, Chef Rachel specializes in preparing Mediterranean, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Southern, Paleo, Mexican, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Israeli, and Italian dishes. In addition, she prepares healthy comfort food. Besides that, she works with clients in developing and preparing personalized keto friendly and gluten free. Her dishes are always fresh and delicious, light on calories, and heavy on flavor. Additionally, she has extensive juicing experience preparing juices for fasting, health, and detox purposes. She prepares fresh organic juices targeted at helping the body to heal, rebuild and detoxify waste products.

When she is not in the kitchen cooking or developing new tastes, Rachel spends time at home enjoying peace with her partner and children. Away from the kitchen and home, Rachel enjoys traveling. She has always loved visiting new places and exploring new tastes. For her, traveling is her second love, while preparing meals and experimenting with taste comes first.